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Pre Sale Energy Audits for Home Buyers

pre sale energy audit for homebuyersA home is the largest investment that most of us will make in our lifetime. Unfortunately, even the most astute homebuyers typically remain blissfully unaware of what the operating costs of the home will be. Unlike purchasing a car, when the window sticker clearly displays the vehicles estimated miles per gallon, it’s too often a mystery what a home will cost its future owner in energy bills.

This is, fortunately, changing. Green South Energy offers pre-sale energy audits for real estate professionals and homebuyers, offering an unprecedented degree of insight into what the home you are purchasing will cost you in utility bills each month.

Using the latest in energy efficiency diagnostic equipment and techniques, including blower door testing, infrared thermal imaging, and duct leakage testing, we are able to determine where, and how, the home is wasting energy, offer a rough estimate of what energy costs will look like (precision can be difficult, as energy bills depend so heavily on occupant behavior, e.g. how cool you prefer a home in the summer), and identify areas where cost-effective improvements could be made.

When purchasing a home -- a carefully considered, important purchase for anyone -- you shouldn’t be forced into gambling on energy costs. You should at least have the option of knowing what the “MPG” rating for the home is, giving you a more realistic estimate of the total cost of the home as well as how comfortable your family will be in it.

Contact Green South Energy using the form on our contact page, or give us a call, to discuss whether a pre-sale energy audit would be a good option for you or your family or to schedule your energy audit today!