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HVAC Design

Green South Energy designs heating and cooling systems using Manual J, Manual D and Manual S calculationsGreen South Energy Solutions designs heating and cooling systems using Manual D, Manual J and Manual S calculations; the highest industry standard available.

This article (pdf) by Martin Holladay, Green Building Advisor, outlines the importance of having your heating and cooling systems designed and installed by professionals with the highest credentials, training and resources.

The following terms are provided by the national organization, ACCA, The Air Conditioning Contractors of America. 


A mathematical determination of how much cooling and heating (BTUs) an HVAC system must deliver for occupant safety and comfort.  It is based on a variety of factors: square footage, building orientation, number of occupants, size and placement of rooms, number and size of windows and doors, amount of insulation, number of floors, and climate.


An ACCA procedure covering the method for calculating heating and cooling requirements (load calculation) for single-family detached homes and mobile homes.


An ACCA procedure covering the proper design, installation, maintenance, and repair of ductwork.


An ACCA procedure covering the proper equipment recommendations, based on the heating & cooling design.

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