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Energy Consulting

energy consulting infrared imageGreen South Energy Solutions offers energy consulting services throughout the Savannah, Georgia metro region and beyond. Our service area extends to Macon and St. Marys, Georgia and north into Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina.

We offer a number of energy consulting services for a wide range of clients including architects, builders, homeowners, and industrial building managers. We offer the most advanced energy efficiency testing services including infrared thermal imaging, and are happy to work with our customers in a variety of capacities, from design and planning to testing and verification.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Consulting

Green South Energy Solutions works with plant managers and industrial building owners to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, and to implement solutions that will result in cost savings and an improved bottom line.

Architects, Builders, Homeowners

We work with architects, builders and homeowners through all stages of the design and planning process to maximize energy efficiency, comfort, durability and building resale value. As a certified HERS Rater (see below), we are qualified to provide verification for green building or energy efficient building certifications that you may be hoping to achieve; and we also work with homeowners and owners of existing buildings to identify energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings.

HERS Ratings

We offer HERS Ratings (Home Energy Rating System) for buildings throughout the region. A HERS Rating assigns a numerical value to a building based on energy efficiency metrics, much like a miles-per-gallon rating for a vehicle. HERS Ratings are required for a number of energy efficient building certifications including Energy Star Homes.

Energy Efficient & Green Building Verification

We offer third-party verification for green building and energy efficient building certifications including Energy Star Homes, LEED, USGBC and more.

For more information about our energy consulting services, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation today, give us a call or contact us here.