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Analysis & Modeling for Utility Rebate Programs

utility rebates for energy efficiencyUtility companies throughout Georgia and South Carolina offer a number of rebate programs for energy efficiency improvements in residential as well as commercial buildings. Rebates are a cost-effective way for utilities to reduce their operating costs, as improved energy efficiency in buildings reduces the need for the building of more power plants. It’s a cost-effective system for utilities, and presents a great opportunity for building owners who can also benefit from reduced energy bills.

If you are a homeowner or building owner interested in taking advantage of utility rebates for energy efficiency improvements, Green South Energy can help.  As one of Northeast Georgia’s premier building performance specialists, we routinely work with homeowners as well as commercial building managers and owners to take full advantage of any rebates and incentives that may be available. If you’re unsure about what your options for financial assistance for energy efficiency may be available to you, we would be happy to help out.

Many utility rebate programs require documentation of energy savings by a certified energy efficiency analyst. Green South Energy offers this service for commercial and residential building owners, whether the program you are working towards requires a simple energy analysis, test-out verification, or a complete energy model of the building. We’re happy to work with a wide range of customers from Georgia to South Carolina, and are familiar with the protocols of most of the region’s energy efficiency rebate programs, so you can rest assured that you’re taking full advantage of the best opportunities that are available to you.

For more information about our utility rebate analysis and modeling services, or to schedule a no-obligation phone consultation today, contact us here or give us a call!